Kitesurfing in Skåne

This is where we Surf:

We adapt to both the wind and our customers, so if you have a preferred location where you want to take the course, please write it down when you make the booking, and we will see if the wind conditions are suitable for it.


Lomma Beach is one of the best spots for beginners in Sweden. The beach is long, so there is plenty of space when the conditions are good, and many people are on the water. At the same time, it is shallow, which means that as a beginner, you can stand almost everywhere – perfect for practicing.


Landskrona is perhaps the best flatwater spot in all of Sweden. There are never any waves here because you can walk out several hundred meters and still touch the bottom, which is why no waves even build up in strong winds.

Jp Hala

JP Hala is a bit of a secret spot, but it offers wonderfully shallow and clear water that sometimes makes you feel like you’re abroad. There are usually not many people here, which means there is plenty of space for beginners to practice.

Höllviken / Falsterbo

When there is offshore wind almost everywhere, or when there is not enough wind in other places, Parkvägen in Höllviken usually delivers wonderful wind conditions with onshore wind.


Near Ängelholm, there is a beautiful shallow spot that offers fantastic practice conditions for beginners, and it is mostly empty with plenty of space to practice. Just beware of rocks to the right and left of the main beach.


Near Råå, there is a lovely dog beach where you can find calm and flat water that is fairly shallow. It is perfect for holding courses.

Melbystrand/ Lagaoset

A fantastic spot along the west coast is Lagaoset, which offers excellent conditions at the mouth of the Lagan river with flat water that is perfect for practicing in a stunning environment.


Outside of Halmstad lies a beautiful shallow spot that offers excellent practice conditions for beginners. It’s mostly empty, which provides plenty of space to practice.


Det låter som en fantastisk spot för nybörjare! Björkängs strand låter som en plats där man kan fokusera på att öva sin teknik och känna sig trygg på vattnet. Tack för att du delar med dig av dina tips och erfarenheter!