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Kitesurfing courses

Kitesurfing is what we at Kitesurf Sweden are most passionate about. It is a fantastic sport where you learn to handle and use the forces of nature. Through many years of experience within kitesurfing are we a driving force in the industry. Bring the latest developments to the Swedish market as well as the safest and latest equipment. We ensure that learning takes places quickly, safely and as easily as possible, so that after completing the course you can continue on your own.

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Wingfoiling Course

Wingfoiling is a new water sport that has been developed from Kitesurfing. When using wingfoils, the surfer uses a special foil board that is lifted out of the water on a foil wing. It has a much smaller resistance in the water than a regular surfboard This enables high speeds even in light winds. You use a special hand-held sail, which develops power to glide forward and the result is a completly magical feeling of floating over the water.

Try it yourself and join this amazing sport that is growing fast!

Surfing Course

You do not have to go to the end of the world to be able to surf, you do not even have to leave Skåne! Sweden offers perfect surfing conditions for beginners and you can even find famous spots here. We offer courses where you can both learn the basics, or maybe you need help to take the stop further from longboard to shortboard.

SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard

Rent a SUP for a wonderful excursion in silence on your own or with friends on the water. Available for daily or weekly rent.